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126 North 6th St, Brooklyn, New York 11211
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Monday-Thursday: 12:00PM - 11:00 PM
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About Baoburg

Expect the unexpected. It's different.
It's so different from something you've experienced before.

Baoburg serves "multi-cultual" dishes, a unique twist on Spanish & Asian culinary traditions. The menus at Baoburg will be fun, distinctive and dynamic, and most importantly - surprisingly tasty.

About Chef Bao Bao

Baoburg serves "multi-cultual" dishes, a unique twist on Spanish & Asian culinary traditions. The menus at Baoburg will be fun, distinctive and dynamic, and most importantly - surprisingly tasty.

"When I first arrived to New York, I brought with me my traditional Thai family recipes" Chef Bao Bao states.

Chef Suchanan Aksornnan, nicknamed Chef Bao Bao, was born in the northernmost province of Thailand - Chiang Rai. There she grew up surrounded by greatness of nature, organic and fresh ingredients, and a wide variety of local foods. "This early exposure to food is one of the biggest reasons why I do what I do today," she continues.

After graduating from The French Culinary Institute in NY, Chef Bao Bao began training at L'ecole in NYC. Soon after, she landed her first job at the Mercer Kitchen working with renowned Michelin star chef, Jean Georges. In addition, she also got an amazing opportunity to work with Daniel Boulud at Bar Boulud. 

Following this, Chef Bao Bao became the lead line cook at Soho House Hotel; she worked as a personal chef assistant for Marc Ecko in NYC and as starch cook at Social Private with Top chef Tiffany Derry. She also cooked as a personal chef for the Princess of Saudi Arabia and many celebrities including, to name a few: Cameron Diaz, Janet Jackson, Lucy Lu, Marc Jacobs.

Currently, Chef Bao Bao is busy working at Baoburg, offering her one and only "multi-cultural" cuisine combined elements of Spanish & Asian culinary traditions.

Being asked about some people might think her creation is not "authentic" because her creation is "fusion" one, she answers carefully.

"I've been always wondering this, what does authentic mean?" she asks, " I spent a lot of time to craft my art without compromising. Food is not about classification; it's about TASTE (laughter). Come to Baoburg and I will prove it!" Then she showed a big smile.




New York Times: Dining Without Borders
Hungry City: Baoburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Ms. Aksornnan grew up in Chiang Rai, in northern Thailand. At age 15, she came to New York and started cooking alongside her mother, Amornrat Fukuda, at Chai Thai Kitchen, which opened its first location a decade ago — two doors down, as it happens, from where Baoburg now stands. (Ms. Aksornnan’s father, Futoshi Fukuda, owns Ramen Yebisu, the restaurant in between, with which Baoburg shares a restroom, in familial fashion.)...

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Zagat: Best Thing We Ate "Baoburg's Duck Breast Noodle"
By Billy Lyons, November 5th, 2013

With a menu to mirror its cozy size, Baoburg's dinner options are short but incredibly sweet. The roster features a mash-up of Spanish and Asian cuisines, with items like roasted octopus legs and veal stew. Yet sometimes, all you really need is a simple dish to feel content..

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TimeOut New York: Baoburg opens in Williamsburg
By Christina Izzo, October 18th, 2013

Thai native Suchanan “Bao Bao” Aksornnan (Bar Boulud, the Mercer Kitchen) retools French plates with Asian and Spanish flavors at this 20-stool spot. Off the border-busting menu, choose from dishes like roasted octopus with edamame and chipotle bernaise; baked cod with sushi-rice mushroom risotto; and seared duck ramen with poached daikon and shiitake mushrooms..

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Village Voice: Where to Brunch This Weekend: Baoburg
By Billy Lyons, October 18th, 2013

While you may be use to eating baos as a late night snack, this tiny kitchen next to Ramen Yebisu offers up a selection of steamed buns for brunch service. Combinations like the sober bao (eggs benedict with slow cooked pork and spinach) supplement a selection of sandwiches that round out the menu. Beer, wine, and cocktails are also available for purchase at this cash-only, no-reservations walk-in.

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By Meghan Rooney, October 22nd, 2013

Looking good on paper is easy; delivering the goods is a different story.

Suchanan Aksornnan’s multicultural gem, Baoburg, masters the latter.

Aksornnan (a.k.a. Bao Bao) has deep culinary roots: She spent time cooking with her grandma in Thailand and later in NYC with her mom (adorable fact: Mama Bao Bao, also a chef, works at the restaurant two doors away from Baoburg), earned a degree from NYC’s French Culinary Institute, rubbed elbows with Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud, and soaked up inspiration from her Japanese stepfather..

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